hospital cover

Why Should You Choose hospital Cover?

In addition to our regular services, we knew we could go even further to give you and your loved one’s peace of mind. During hospital stays, loved ones will worry when their family member or friend is away from home. Due to distance, commitments and trying to juggle various other tasks, it can be difficult to get to the hospital as much as you would like. NHS staff are brilliant at their jobs but attending to each patient individually for feeding and company is not always possible. With Topline Care, the Live-In Carer will make daily hospital visits, to ensure that they have personal companionship. They can prepare home-cooked food to take to the hospital, a welcome addition, which is often preferable to hospital food. With this additional supportive package, you will be assured as much care and support as with our other services.

Terms & Conditions apply to this level of care. Call our office to discuss your options – this option is only available once the Covid 19 virus has been contained and life has returned to normal.

Palliative care in your home

What Are The Benefits Of Hospital Cover?

Supported Home Living

Your friendly carer will provide companionship during respite stays. They will continue to Live-In your home, keeping your home safe, looking after pets and preparing your favourite home cooked meals. They will visit you daily to keep you company and assist with mealtimes. Care will continue as normal on your return home, should that be a requirement.

Personal Care Plan

On carer placement, you will establish your personal care plan with your carer, tailored to your own needs.


Feel confident in the knowledge that your carer has undergone high level vetting prior to placement, they are all skilled in live-in care practices and are insured to work in your home.

Cost Effective Care

Live-In care is a cost-effective solution to staying at home, rather than living in residential accommodation.

Independence and Fulfilled Life

Your appointed carer will provide support to you in hospital and maintain contact with your loved ones, to keep them advised of your progress.

Peace of Mind

Live-In Care provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind that you are in caring, empathetic and experienced hands, providing you with high-quality responsive care.

What Does Hospital Cover Include?

What Does the Hospital Support Care Service Include