A small care agency offering PERSONALISED live in care

Personalised Live-in Home care support in the comfort of your own home

Topline Care is an introductory live-in care agency in Bury St Edmunds that believes that everyone should have the choice to live happily at home. We are a small care agency offering personalized live-in care support to those wishing to remain in the comfort of their own home. We understand that inviting a live-in carer to live in your loved one’s home is a personal experience. As a small business, we put the needs of the elderly and their families first, allowing us to focus on your loved one’s care needs and offering quality care.

Our mission is to form a lasting relationship with all our clients and carers. We strive to ensure the process of appointing the right carer for the first time is a simple and welcome experience. Our objective is to keep your loved one in the comfort of their own home for as long as possible, aiding those who need help due to old age, disability, or illness to live as independently as possible with comfort and dignity.  We know through experience that quality of life begins at home, surrounded by family, friends, and treasured and familiar things.  

Meet Kim

I am the owner of Topline Care.  I am a fully trained and qualified live-in carer and have worked in the care industry for over seven years. With an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of live-in care and how to support the elderly in their own home. I decided to start up my own care agency where my knowledge and expertise could be utilised to the fullest by those needing care.  I really enjoy what I do, and I believe the job chose me. 

Prior to setting up Topline Care, I trained and worked with a few reputable live in care agencies to gain experience, skills and knowledge.  I am grateful to have been placed with many wonderful clients over the years and believe my Live-In Care experience can define what Topline Care stands for today.

“You are at the heart of everything we do at Topline Care and we welcome you to our happy community” – Kim

Picture of Kim
Independent living with assistance of live-in care

Our Mission and Goals

Most people would prefer to be cared for at home, that’s why Topline Care’s mission and goals are key to solving your needs and giving you peace of mind.

“Say yes to independent living in your own home and change your life for the better, an investment for your future”

Your Life

Essentially, Live-In Care makes your life simpler. It can encompass help with domestic duties, help with everyday activities like washing and dressing, preparing nutritious meals, walking the family pet, and more. Keep your care in your own hands, in your own home.

At Home

Living at home in later life is something we all dream about, and Topline Care can make this dream come true. Taking life at your own pace, in the privacy of your home, you will feel relaxed and comfortable.

Your Independence

Have you ever worried about being alone, losing your independence or that of a loved one and giving up your beloved home, to be moved into a care home? Live-In care at home is proven to be better for your quality of life, happiness, wellbeing and maintaining your independence.

Your Carer

Our priority is to source dedicated and compassionate carers when you need it. Your carer will become an integral part of your daily life. Facts demonstrate that it is a cost-effective solution. Most introductory bookings last approximately 2 weeks allowing you enough time to get to you know your appointed carer. You have the choice to reschedule the carers you are most fond of … ensuring continuity of care.