Successful Activities For Those With Dementia

Successful Activities For Those With Dementia

Very often those with dementia find everyday activities to difficult. However, like everyone else, they want to feel successful at doing something. This is why we have put together a few fail-safe successful activities for those with dementia. These are activities that will keep them engaged, while reducing feelings of depression, anxiety, agitation and other challenging behaviours.

A Memory Box

A memory box is a great way of helping someone with dementia feel connected to any previous hobbies or a past career. Think about the things they have done in their past life and pop all the memory triggers in there for that. For example, if they loved cooking then pop some measuring spoons in the memory box. Photos of them at work or doing their hobbies if a really nice touch. Maybe include a CD of their favourite music from the past too.

Pasta Threading

Next time you’re in the supermarket pick up some of the larger pasta with big holes in, like penne pasta for example. Grab some wool or string and place some Sellotape around the end of it. This will act as a needle and the person with dementia can sit and thread the pieces of pasta onto the string. If this is an activity they really enjoy, why not colour or paint the pasta pieces to make it a prettier activity for you both to enjoy?

Box Of Fabrics

If you are caring for someone that used to enjoy sewing or fabric crafts, this is the perfect activity. However, everyone can enjoy this. Take a plastic box and fill it with lots of pieces of fabrics. A wide selection of colours and patterns of fabric is a great idea. Try to find different textures and materials too. Like lace, silk, wool, cotton, velvet, leather and more. This is a great activity as the person will enjoy touching, folding and sorting the fabrics.

Picture Puzzle

Make a copy of a favourite family holiday photo or a photo of a special place to them. When copying the photo, make it larger and then laminate it. Then cut the copy of the photo into a few pieces and you’ll have a personalised picture puzzle to be enjoyed lots of times. If there is a picture or image that the person with dementia likes, you could use that too. It could be an image of their favourite animal or a car they love for example. These are just some of the many successful activities you can do with those that have dementia. However, remember that caring for those with dementia is hard. If you need a professional carer to support you, we are here for you. We can visit and care for your loved one as much or as little as you want.

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