The Key Issues That Affect Carers In The UK

The Key Issues That Affect Carers In The UK

Did you know that there are over seven million people in the UK that are carers? This equates to around one in ten people. It also means that around one-tenth of every workforce are carers. So, it’s pretty likely that you know at least one carer.

There are some really big issues that affect carers in the UK. We have listed some of these below as we think it’s important for people to be aware of these key issues.

The Role Of A Carer Isn’t Easy To Recognise

Carers provide unpaid care by looking after family members, friends or loved ones that are ill, older or disabled. They care for people that could not cope without their support. However, not all caring roles involve a physical or obvious illness. For example, 1.5 million people in the UK care for a person with a mental illness. Research from Carers UK shows that over half of all carers take over a year to recognise their caring role. Meanwhile, around one in four carers take over 5 years.

Caring Has Financial Implications

The expense of caring for another person, along with the impact it has on a person’s ability to work means that many carers feel they are struggling financially. A survey by Carers UK showed that 39% of carers said they were struggling to make ends meet. This financial worry understandably has a huge impact on the wellbeing of carers. The research also found that 40% of carers are missing out on support as they do not know where to go to get the right information.

Carers Often Feel Isolated & Lonely

Further research by Carers UK found that eight in ten carers feel lonely. 32% of carers said that they feel lonely or isolated as they’re not comfortable talking to friends or family about the caring they do. Many carers said they felt isolated as there was a lack of understanding from others about the challenges they face and what they go through.

Caring for others is hard work. It is mentally, physically and emotionally exhausting, especially when you are caring for a loved one. This is why we offer professional care for your family, friends or loved ones. It’s important that you able to focus on your career and spend time socially with friends. We can help you get the support financially and mentally that you need to be able to care for your loved ones, without harming yourself.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help you; call our friendly team now.

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