what is LIVE-IN care?

how it Works

Live-In Care is a continuity of care provision for you at home, provided by vetted, skilled and insured carers. Live-In Care includes areas of personal assistance such as – washing, dressing, mobility and light household duties. The carer will prepare nutritious food menus, based on your dietary requirements.

As an Introductory Agency, we have a wealth of experience and are experts at matching you with suitable carers. This process does not fall within the parameters of the Care Quality Commission, however we comply by following good care industry practice, and ethical practices of Introductory Agencies for Live-In Care. Topline Care has a network of fully trained and skilled Live-In carers who are all self-employed, offering responsive care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Being flexible, we can make adaptions to suit your needs. Live-in care is seen to be safer, as there is consistency of care provision, reducing ‘outside’ infections, particularly when dealing with vulnerable adults. Your Live-In carer can help you free up your time to lead a full and active social life, go on holiday with you and take you to appointments when needed. We excel in outstanding continuity of care and it could not be simpler to remain happily living at home.

Care in the comfort of your own home

Our Carers

Topline Care brings you a professional, caring and empathetic team, who provide you with a dignified and exemplary live-in care service. We pride ourselves in selecting the absolute best Live-In Carers for our clients. They are hand-picked for their suitability, knowledge and experience. The carers are all fit and able to perform duties from the basic to more complex. They are responsive to your needs and compliant to all safety and care industry standards – as safety comes first! Your safety and wellbeing and that of the carers is paramount. Our carers are not nurses, however will have experience in providing care support to clients with the following medical conditions, such as Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke rehabilitation, Cancer conditions and Palliative care. With effective carer rotas and regular use of the same carers that you get to know and like, we can offer you this exceptional continuity of care. Knowing that you are happy and in safe hands will give your loved one’s peace of mind.


It is compulsory that Topline Care employed staff and the self-employed Live-In carers are fully vetted prior and during employment. They will have certified training and qualifications from approved care training institutes. They must have a right to work and a valid updated Enhanced Disclosure and Baring Certificate (DBS) in Adult Care, which we check regularly.


All self-employed carers must hold appropriate valid care insurance to work in your home.


Knowledgeable, friendly, approachable and trustworthy, your appointed carer will be at the ‘top of their game’. Our recruitment process is rigorous to find the right carer for you. We ensure that they are re-trained annually and kept up to date on all skills including safeguarding, moving and positioning practices, to be able to perform safe and high-quality care. Adapting to your lifestyle, the carer will work around your needs, schedule, social commitments and appointments.

Introducing A Complete Live-in Care Service That Will Revolutionise Your Life

Topline Care provides you with carers that are able to carry out a whole range of Live-In Care services. Let us know what home care provision you require, we will work with you to match your needs. For our part, we are wholly person centred and client focussed. Now, more than ever you need knowledgeable, professional carers to make your life easier. We are only a call away, 24/7 and 365 days a year! What a difference it will make to your life!

Benefits of Live-in care

Discover how easy it is to get set up with Live-In Care, an investment in your future!

Discover how easy it is to arrange your Live-In Care, an investment in your future!

Our Assessment And Matching Process

Topline Care sources your reliable live-in carer but also provides round the clock assistance to you or a loved one. From our initial discussion, we like to involve your family who will be crucial to your care or recovery process, so please do let us know how much involvement you feel you can give in daily life. Ideally, we would like to meet you all in person before the care provision starts. We can visit you in the comfort of your home to get to know you and to fully understand your needs. Building strong relationships is beneficial for successful care provision.

Staying in regular contact will provide reassurance to the family that you are receiving the right level of support and care, with suitable carers. We liaise with the carers in your placement to ensure that your needs are being met. We are responsive and as care needs change, we will discuss with you the possible need to alter care levels. This might mean that different carers would need to be sourced, to accommodate the evolving health requirements. We will keep you fully advised of care rota schedules and handovers. Continuity of care is important for you and your family, as you will get to know the regular carers. We welcome your input and look forward to establishing a great relationship with you and your family.

Care at home




Bespoke live-in care services in your home

Our Assessment Process

Topline Care likes to involve the family from the outset, as this can be hugely beneficial in the assessment and matching process. After your initial contact with us, we will send you an Introductory and Registration Pack. Once you have read and completed this, we will arrange to visit you at your home to carry out a full assessment of needs. Ideally if this is done in person, we can talk about any physical, social, emotional and mental health requirements. If you prefer not to have a home visit, we would be happy to do this first meeting via an online video call. We would be pleased to address all your questions about Live-In Care and what it is like having carers living with you.

In forming a full picture of your care requirements, it is beneficial to find out why you feel that Live-In Care is the best option for your family. As part of the assessment process, we need to inquire about any special requirements that your loved one needs, to remain living happily at home. It could also be useful to let us know if you have any information from your doctor or hospital that can help us with the assessment. We need to determine your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and interests. Information on this and whether you have health and social engagements away from home will help us source the correct carers. You may need a carer who has a driving licence, should you need to be driven to appointments and personal activities.

Your carer will need to have a comfortable private bedroom to rest and sleep and we will discuss this with you too.

We have a standard process where we discuss with you an assessment of needs and complete an extensive questionnaire. Sample assessment questions will include topics such as:

The full assessment will form the basis of our matching process. If, in the future your needs evolve, we always revisit the assessment process. From our meetings and discussions with you, we will gain a clear understanding of the necessary requirements in a carer and will be able to match you accordingly. Prior to sign off, we will send you the completed assessment of needs questionnaire for your perusal. Once agreed and signed, we can then move on to the matching process.

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Matching The Carer For You​

Matching The Carer For You

Topline Care will match your interests and needs to source the right carers for you. Have you ever worried about being alone, falling over, managing all the domestic chores and remembering to take your medication? Are you curious about what Live-In Care could do for you? Meeting your needs is what carers do best. We are dedicated, caring, empathetic and responsive to all your care requirements. You are important to us, so please tell us what matters to you.

For the matching process, it would be helpful if you could let us know:

Our matching process

We use the signed assessment of needs document to undertake the matching process. The carers that we select for you will have been matched on several compatible areas. These areas will include your health needs, your mobility needs, your emotional needs, together with your hobbies, interests and social engagements. As the carer will Live-In with you, it is important to find people that you can get along with well, for companionship and friendship too. Sharing interests helps to establish rapport. Your likes, hobbies and needs are important to us and we go the extra mile to find carers that can meet your health and personal requirements.

We never place our carers based on geographical location, only on personal suitability. Many of the carers will travel great distances between placements, ensuring we have the right people for you and your own specific needs. The carers are generally in placement for approximately 2 weeks at a time on a scheduled rota basis. Sometimes there may be a requirement for two carers in your home at the same time. For these reasons, we will need to source several suitable carers for you, to ensure continuity of care. Once a suitable carer is identified, your carer will be allocated to your account. You will receive the booking confirmation by email and post.

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Initial Matching Process

Detailed Matching Process

Carer Identification for Placement