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When parents can no longer live alone

Independent Living Discussion

There are many reasons children look into care support.  Your aging loved one may be experiencing a decline in health due to a medical ailment, or may simply be losing the ability to perform necessary everyday tasks.  Whatever the reason, you will need to stand by your decision to seek the care your aging parent needs so that you and your family member can decide on the approach that best suits them. 

When to start talking about care It’s better to broach the subject of care early, when the person is in a relatively good state of health and you both feel relaxed. This helps to relieve the pressure on both sides, gives time for discussing options, and means decisions don’t have to be rushed.


Before Approaching your Parents

Before deciding on speaking with your parent about care support, have a more concise idea of the different types of care available at your disposal.  This way you could have a more meaningful discussion with your parent about the type of care available and the care suitable for them.

List of Questions to Ask Your Loved One About Their Care Wishes


Prepare a list of questions before approaching your parent about their care wishes.  Here is a brief outline of questions you could ask.

1. Where would you prefer to live if you were no longer able to stay in your home?
2. What health issues are you most concerned about for the future?
3. What level of care would you want if you became seriously ill?
4. What are your end-of-life wishes?
5. Do you have a will?
6. Do you have medical and financial power of attorney?
7. What is your financial situation?
8. Where do you keep your important documents?
9. Who would you like to take care of your finances if you couldn’t do it?
10. What are your wishes for a funeral or memorial service?

Types of Care

When the time comes for care, investigate the best care option for your parents.  See the blog on reading “What’s The Different Forms of Care and Can I Afford Care For My Elderly Parents?” – Blog

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